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. >> reporting there from cairo. for more on today's release in the future of egypt, i spoke with the u.s. ambassador to bahrain. there are two schools of thought about what america should do on egypt. one of them is to stand up and back these protests, and the other is to hold our cards close to our chest because we don't know what will happen. >> the united states should exercise strategic patients. people in the united states are troubled by what they see on violence, and by this however, this is a process that will take a long time to play out. we should hold our fire and encourage the egyptian government to work through state institutions and to support those institutions. to not take steps to undermine them and limit the ability to work through these issues. moment,uggest at the the best course is stability even with the control of the military. >> i don't see that as the choice. but the military has a role to play. this is a pillar of the egyptian state. with the judiciary and the legislature. mohamed morsi neutered the judiciary and the legislative, leaving the military. the choic
for an investigation. damascus was quick to deny it was responsible. a shocking escalation of the use of weapons in syria. we hope people responsible will one day be held accountable. i hope they blow have unrestricted access to the area and the united nations will be racing this at the un security council. >> the army and armed forces would like to say these allegations are false and baseless and such claims within the context of the dirty media war. go ahead with confronting terrorism. >> we sought advice from an expert. >> there appears to be a lot of dead people with no outward wounds that have died of something. some of the symptoms like the debt stairs are very similar to what we saw where thousands of people were killed by nerve .gents >> chemical weapons inspectors are in serious, but they do not have government permission to visit the site and may not get it. it is unclear those responsible will ever face justice. >> what is the reaction out of the west? we will go to nick bryant. hearing?you any consensus? >> no consensus. the allegations of this atrocity, and they pointed to the state
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. following the second--first titans time out it's royster takes it inside the 30. and now tennessee use their second time out. one inch head coach in the n f c east. chip kelly in philadelphia. >> there's a lot of question when it comes to what chip wants to run. who is going to be his quarterback. that's another battle that you are seeing here. of course all the situations around riley cooper and hopefully that will pass in a positive way. but i just don't believe that chip kelly can bring a speeded up offense into the national football league because if you go your defense is going to hate you by the middle of the first quarter in the first game. it can be somewhere but not like he did in oregon. anybody doesn't understand the national football league and lack of people you have. you don't have 100 guys you can't rotate people through. so there's a big question as to what the philadelphia is going to look like in offense and defense. percent necessarily. a lot of newness is philadelphia and a lot of newness you just not quite sure. it could be very good or it could be a little bit of
of us will check into the hospital without ever checking out our hospital and finding out if it's a safe place to be. in fact, most people don't even know that information exists. and that's why we thought it was so important to partner with leapfrog on this story. - and you say you believe this is actually one of the most important stories that the magazine has ever done. - it really is. it's about keeping people safe and telling people what they can do to become safer. - all right, so let's talk, leah, about leapfrog for a moment, 'cause some people may not be familiar with your group. so, i want to talk about just who you are, and then let's get to how you come up with the hospital safety score. so what is leapfrog? - we are a non-profit. we were founded a little over a decade ago by some large purchasers of health benefits-- so, employers, who were very interested in giving their employees just what gabby just said, which is an opportunity to compare among hospitals before they choose one-- a simple notion that we're used to using when we pick a car, but a hospital is much more impor
in the piece she doesn't understand the science, so, help us understand the science. what allows you to say that her brain actually changed? - many different studies using mri have shown that individual interventions that we do, such as stress reduction, increase someone's fitness, and memory stimulation individually increase the size of the brain, and we can see these on mris. what we do, we provide a combination of these interventions, and that's why we see results. - and you're saying that in her case, she literally went from someone who had been told, "you have alzheimer's" to someone who's feeling good and remembering more. - yes. i have cured her fear of alzheimer's, and i explained to her the very first time i saw her that her memory loss issues were minor and that we can improve her memory, and we did. - dr. chapman, let me turn to you, because your book is called "make your brain smarter." can we really do that? does the science tell us now that yes, we can do that? - yes, it's very clear. we also are doing extensive brain imaging, and the approach we take to make people smarter is
the interior ministry had warned that live fire would be used if security forces were attacked. it all escalated quickly. first tear gas then automatic weapons from the police station. i did not see demonstrators with guns, but the official media hearsay many in the crowd were armed. say many in the crowd were armed. some bullets came very close. there was fire into the walls in the last couple of minutes just above where we were. for hundred people in the crowd -- several hundred people in the crowd have retreated. a sign of the danger on the streets of cairo, the divided nature of society, the absolutely combustible mixture of people who oppose the military coup, people who support the muslim brotherhood, versus badly armed security forces. further down the square, other people were trying to get out of the line of fire. some jumped or fell. in ramseys square itself, they pulled out steel fences to use as barricades. it wasn't just happening in cairo. this was alexandria on the mediterranean coast, egypt's second city. clashes and deaths have been reported from across the cou
to egypt? topic. the this ceo of fyre, muhammed el darian baqubah joins us. el-erian, the ceo of pimco dust. -- joined us. what is happening? >> it is across the board bad news. first and foremost, their ability to create jobs is hampered. especially jobs for the young. second, the poverty issues. this unrest is hitting tourism very hard and that is a very effective way to employ people that would not otherwise have access to the market. a tax collections. if it were not for this exceptional age -- eight coming from the gulf countries, or to giggly saudi arabia, kuwait, and united -- particularly saudi arabia, kuwait, and the united arab emirates, would be facing even worst conditions. >> how long if you are a foreign business investor, how long do you put up with that kind of situation? >> tourism, you can turn it on at some point because the monuments are still there. you cannot turn it off immediately because people will look ahead six to nine months, but you can turn it on. a factory is more problematic. if you're thinking of investing for a number of years, that will be very problemati
of ways to make the hunter's star block, and for this quilt, we're gonna be using foundation piecing. so, the action starts with this triangular-shaped unit, and we have the first piece that goes on here. we've numbered the pieces. and then piece two and piece three form the diamonds. and those are pretty interchangeable. could've numbered those either way, so you don't need to sweat the details on which one you get on first. and then the last piece is the large triangle. mm-hmm. piece one and four are gonna match. mm-hmm. color-wise. uh-huh, color-wise. and piece two and three are gonna match color-wise. and those pieces, two and three, form the diamonds that eventually form your star. mm-hmm. i'm gonna pull these up here. and so really what we're doing is we're gonna make that triangle unit in two different colorations. once with these pieces in red with black points. in the other case, the red diamonds with black for the rest of the fabric. and then, when those two come together, you can already see that i'm gonna start getting a quarter of the star that i need. mm-hmm. so, let's -- w
, to pattern after mr. barry. if they gonna believe, "oh, i can use crack cocaine on television and become the mayor of washington d.c., it's all right." >> woman: she's right! >> man: calm down. >> seegars: if they gonna believe, "oh, i can use crack cocaine and become the mayor of washington d.c., it's all right." >> what have you or your children benefited in the past 20 years out of his leadership? >> yesterday is gone! >> you have to sit down barry! >> he should just stop and bow out gracefully. does he know what that means, bow out gracefully? >> we gonna bury you marion barry! we gonna get you up out of here! we ain't glad that you back, you glad you back! down with barry! down with barry! >> barry: you know, you would think that people would be more sensitive and be more appreciative. and particularly with people who i helped a great deal. that doesn't bother me anymore. storm don't last always. there's always a silver lining in every dark cloud somewhere. >> hey, what's up? >> hey, mr. mayor! ♪ oh, we can't do nothin' lord ♪ ♪ oh, we can't do nothin' lord ♪ ♪ oh lord ♪
and respect back to ward 8, aren't we? stand up for ourselves, do for ourselves, make people respect us. >> yesterday is gone! yesterday is gone! >> nobody's perfect. >> it's criminal that you look around here and you see this here yo-yo talk about he's going to represent us, the city need a fighter. he need to find him a rock to crawl under somewhere and just vegetate and die. >> marion barry! this is marion barry, girl! >> because of the programs that marion barry fostered, people like my grandchildren did not fall through the cracks. >> we need marion barry! >> look at ward 8. everybody sellin' drugs, they can't get jobs. yeah, i'm sayin' marion barry helped create the problem because he was on drugs. that's a bad role model. >> barry! barry! barry! >> we're talking about a piece of history, folks, marion barry, martin luther king. >> wave your hands, blow your horns, wave your hands, blow your horns. >> i met marion barry i think in 1968. he was taking a lot of chances. people weren't taking chances durin' that period. for a black guy, durin' that period, you really had to have ball
might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit. and this is based on verse 3 that god sent jesus who became in the fashion of sinful flesh. he wasn't sinful himself, but he was fashioned in a body like us and god condemned jesus so that you and i would never be condemned. boy, that is such a powerful truth, and i...i spent some time explaining that the word "condemned" means to feel unworthy or unfit, not being able to be used. if you ever feel that way, in a sense, you are voiding what jesus came to do. jesus was condemned, so that you would never be condemned... so that god would never reject you... so that you would never have to feel like god wouldn't answer your prayer... wouldn't use you or that you aren't worthy. jesus became all of those negative things so that you could receive all of his acceptance, and love, and forgiveness. and notice it says, "that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us". through jesus, in my born again spirit, i am as righteous and holy and pure as jesus is. again, i know if you haven't been following me and goin
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you want to be using right there. i know. honey, smile. c'mon, let me see you smile... c'mon. pogue: this tiny wafer contains a highly sophisticated machine. what's it made of? a computer chip is like a densely packed city-- a solid slab of silicon sprinkled with other elements like boron and arsenic, topped by layers of metals and ceramics. they're laid out like tiny, functional neighborhoods. over here is memory. 50 years ago you'd have needed a whole building full of vacuum tubes to store just a fraction of what fits in here. over here is where data comes in and out of the chip. 50 years ago the fastest computer on earth could process maybe a few hundred punch cards a minute. today, data goes in and out billions of times faster. and here is the processor. 50 years ago a computer could add a few thousand numbers in a second. in that same amount of time, this tiny chip can perform billions of calculations. scientists have discovered that the secret to cheap computing power is size. when we find the right materials and make them small, they change the world. the race to miniaturize
'm saying. i am not against the old testament law if you use it for its purpose. the purpose of the law was never to produce justification. i've already dealt with this in romans, chapter 3, but let me just read this quickly. it says, "now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law." and here's the purpose of the law... that every mouth may be stopped, and that all the world may become guilty before god. therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin." the word "justified" means to be in right standing with god, to be declared free from the guilt and penalty attached to grievous sins. now if you try and use the law to give people a knowledge of their sins... to show them that they need salvation... they can't save themselves. it's not based on your good outweighing your bad. if you use the law to get that point across, i am 100% for the law. that was the purpose of the law. but if you try and use the law for justification, being declared right in the sight of god... to ha
you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale, is very troublesome. office in london, william hague directly blamed the syrian government. >> i know that some people would like to say that this is some kind of conspiracy run about by the opposition in syria. the chances of that are small. we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the assad regime on a large scale. bewould like the u.n. to able to assess that. >> this is not the only one. yesterday, turkey declared that all red lines have been crossed. france warned that fault may be needed. also assessing this as really troublesome. why is the american president weighing his words so carefully? once he gives the u.s. verdict, he faces a quandary. does he hold back from action? does he order the use of first -- the use of force, potentially making the crisis deeper? lashed out against what they called a wave of anti- syrian propaganda. they blamed rebel fighters for making the area where the attack took place to unsafe for you when inspectors to visit. the mains conference, syrian opposition coalition was swift t
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authorities. >> michael has recently returned from cairo, with the very latest. thank you for joining us. a very tricky time in egypt. the u.s. government has said that her team gave it a heads-up about the detention of david maranda, the partner of a journalist who published information from whistleblower edward snowden. but the u.s. said it was not involved in the decision to question him. mr. maranda was held for nine hours at heathrow airport in london, while en route to brazil . maranda, finally arriving back in his home country, brazil, a journey much delayed after he spent hours in detention in london. waiting for him at rio de janeiro airport, his partner, a guardian reporter. his hours spent in custody, being grilled by cap or terrorism detectives. >> i remained in a room. or were six different agents coming and going, talking to me. they asked questions about my entire life, about everything. they took my computer, video game, mobile phone, memory cards -- everything. >> from his partner, there was fighting talk. >> i am going to do reports much more aggressively. i will publis
! >> god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. stay tuned as reverend popoff ministers, prays, and reveals the power of a living god able to change your life and bring you into great joy, peace, health, and supernatural abundance. now, get ready for god to touch you with his miracle working power. >> god is touching hurting people around the world. >> and now he wants to touch you with his miracle working power. >> i'm peter popoff, this is my precious wife, liz. and i want to make a bold declaration today, to you! your drought is going to end. your drought is going to end. i declare it in the name of jesus. >> wow! >> amen! it's a bold declaration, but liz, god has given me a powerful faith tool, the miracle mixture, the same formula that god used in his word to break the drought. and i believe that your drought's going to end. we're going to go right into a service already in progress. >> peter and liz will be back with you in just a moment with a powerful word and
's called total transformation, and this is a program that parents can use right in their own homes. am i right about that, james? >> yes, matthew. it's a step-by-step program, where i show parents how to get their kids to be accountable for their behavior. matthew, from day one, the total transformation program shows you how to explain to the child, in no uncertain terms, this is how you're gonna talk to me, this is how i'm gonna talk to you, this is how we're gonna treat each other, and that's all there's gonna be to it. the arguments stop. >> matthew: wow. >> the debates stop. we just stop that. i'll show you how to stop it. it's the simplest thing in the world. in the total transformation program, i show you exactly what to do when your kid acts up. i show you exactly what to say. you can sit in your kitchen, and you can listen to this program and learn all you need to know to get your family back on the right track. look, i was a kid with a lot of behavior problems in new york city, and my parents didn't know what to do with me. i developed a program that my parents could've followed
're marking on the batting, and you'll never see it. so you can use, like, a permanent marker or, you know, whatever you want. you don't have to use a removable fabric marker. sure. sure. and this is, i mean, this is efficient. you are, like, stacking it up so you can whack it, and it's ready to go. i am. i am. yeah. i like it. just make sure everything's lined up, you know, pretty perfectly. mm-hmm. so, now we're just gonna mark our sections, and i just eyeball it. again, you know, you can get crazy and measure them, but i think the less similar they look, the better. yeah, you could cut a template, certainly, or you could, you know, measure out the sizes of your little pie wedges there, but this is kind of a style of the runner that you made -- is that it looks almost kind of improvisational or, you know, it's just got that wonky look to it, which is popular today and also kind of easy and fun to do when you're at your sewing machine. you don't have to think too hard. who knew we were popular? i know, right? that never happens. [ both laugh ] so, now we're just gonna cut along these line
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a wonderful new style of porcelain decorating-- what's known as the limoges enamel style-- a very fine use of white enamel on a dark background. and he taught his son t.j. bott to do it as well. and thomas john bott then brought that to coalport. so, thomas john bott here in 1888 at coalport, producing a plaque just for the family. we've got a matching picture of his sister, actually, as well. there's a set of them. wonderful to have family likenesses like that. i understand that thomas bott, sr.-- thomas j. bott's father-- died quite young at the age of 41, and i had-- the story goes that he died from licking his paintbrush, which arsenic in it, and that's a family story. i don't know whether it's true. i'm sure it probably was. of course, it was a dangerous industry to be in. and thomas bott, sr. was a great loss to the industry because he was actually a masterful artist and was able to do wonderful work. and that's really what excites me about these pictures. are these thomas, sr.? yes, this is not t.j. oh, we thought it was junior. yeah. this is signed "t.b."-- and that's thomas bott,
that he and i used to frequent. but he worked at national center for computing application. and when the famous six left to start netscape a bunch of us undergraduates were hired to fill the holes created. in that sense i literally followed in his footsteps a little bit and after i graduated i followed him to palo aalto, event lyully. >> rose: mosaic was the first thing they did. >> that's right. >> rose: it really was, at that time. >> it was an amazing place to be. and i don't like the idea of luck but just because i feel like i should be shaping my own fate as much as possiblement but as far as having luck in my life, other than coming to america, being allowed to come to america, being on university of illinois campus in 1997 or 1993 through 1997 was just a dream come true for a computer scientist it fundamentally reshaped me from somebody who thought of myself first and foremost as a scientist, future ago demic to somebody who thought there is no better way to be than create businesses. be an entrepreneur, that's what it is all about. >> rose: when did you get that? >> i can tel
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it. come on, bruce. you can't just drop us. cooper's bowling team is a great tradition. plus it's great for business, too. you know, people see us bowling out there wearing these shirts that say cooper's, you know, and they think to themselves... "cooper's." you with me? i think so. plus when we win a big championship, there's an article in the newspaper, pictures, more publicity. you're a championship team? did i say that? yes. well, no, no, no, we're not. but we often make incredible comebacks that fall just short. listen, doug. you seem like a nice guy. so do you. but it just doesn't make any sense to me to sponsor a bowling team unless it wins. and even then, it's hard to get too enthusiastic. yeah, but the shirt? yes, i know the shirts, yes, yes. but, uh-- look, i guess if you did well, the publicity would be good for business. i'll tell you what. you do what you got to do, and show me you got a shot at winning one of those trophies-- you know, the guy on top with the sweater and the silver-- and i'll write you a check. you got it? i got it. i promise we'll kick it up a not
have discussed about when steve jobs died. characterize him again for us what made him steve jobs. >> well, it was so a whole bunch of things. obviously vision, obviously product genius. we talk a lot in the valley about founder c.e.o.s and the role of it, app sell one of the few companies where we have run the experiment through the full lifecycle, the experiment of the company with the founder, without founder and again with the founder and we see, how it went. so he is the great example of the founder c.e.o. of the visionary who is able to run the company. i think one of the really underappreciated parts and i think he thought he was underappreciated on this is apple, he said the thing he was proudest of building in his career-- not a particular device. >> it was kroting a great company. >> a great company which goes back to what we started talking about which is app sell in-- apple delivers innovation. today it's an iphone, tomorrow an ipad but it is innovation and it will keep changing and they will keep coming out with new products. >> what would it be without steve at the h
, meow. we can't play house without a house. meow, meow, sad. - grr. - but... i still want us to play. maybe i can find a way to play so we can still play together. - meow, meow. - yes, find a way to play together! - what if i was a... builder dinosaur? i could build you a new wall for your house! - meow, meow, really? - royally really! - i could help too, meow, meow! i'll be builder mommy! - me too! i'll be builder daddy! - now first we need green blocks. - will you help too? grr-ific! do you see a green block? - here's a green block! this block will be great for building. (katerina and daniel laughing) - and now we need a blue block! - can you find a blue block? yes! here's a blue block! and now we need a red block! can you find a red block? there it is! grr-ific! - thank you. thank you. - oh, meow, meow, pretty! (daniel humming) - ♪ la, la, la, la (wednesday humming) - i'll put them up high with my long dinosaur neck! all done! roar! - yeah! do you like the new wall for our house? i think it's tiger-tastic! - meow, meow, soooo pretty! this house is even better now, meow, meow! -
? this sounds like a super big problem. and a super big problem needs us, the super readers! we need to call the rest of the super readers! call them with me. [ cellphone ♪ ] say, "calling all super readers!" children: [ in audience ] calling all super readers! [ remote phone ringing ] to the book club! to the book club! children: to the book club! come on, to the book club! [ ♪ ] whyatt here. [ ♪ ] "p" is for pig! [ ♪ ] red riding hood rollin' in! [ ♪ ] princess pea at your service! and you, say your name. great. we're all here! together, we will solve red's problem. let's go! [ ♪ ] [ electronic beeps ] okay, red, state your problem. i want to play with little boy blue, but whenever i try and play, he gets scared and goes away! oh no! oh dear! that's not good! how do i get him to stay and play? good question. when we have a question, we look... all: in a book! which book should we look in? peas and carrots, carrots and peas... book come out, please, please, please! let's read the title of this book. we know what to do. we need to jump into this book... and find the answer to red
household sale, but it intrigued us because we have quite a big house and we wanted to fill it with some exotic furniture. well, it's certainly exotic. i would like to tip it upside down and see a signature, but there isn't one. i'm looking for a particular name. so you've never researched this unusual, extraordinary bit of furniture? no, no. we know nothing about it. it's in the style of liberty & company, the famous london company. oh, yes. and that helps me date it. actually, this type of stool is called a thebes stool, taken from the egyptian ruins, the pyramids, thebes. ah, right. one of the designers was leonard wyberg patented in 1884, and so i can't really date it very accurately, but it would seem through about 1884 and 1920, that sort of range. but what is really unusual to me-- i have seen quite a few of these before. they're relatively rare and they're certainly collected. i've never seen one with this extraordinary hieroglyphics. so it's african, but it's actually copying the egyptian. and these are very, very, i'm afraid, crude egyptian hieroglyphics. yes. so you just had i
connected ♪ so use it as directed and expect to be respected ♪ ♪ just turn it on and you will see ♪ ♪ that you belong in the company! ♪ ♪ feel the power feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo and plug it in! ♪ ♪ plug it in, everybody! ♪ electric company electric company ♪ ♪ electric company... electric company! ♪ cookie sheets. cookies sheets -- right there. mixing bowls. mixing bowls -- right over there. nice, paul... ingredients -- right there. okay guys, we have to make 600 cookies by 5:00. i do wish we had a little more help. yeah, keith picked the wrong week to go to piano camp. (whistle blowing) what's with the standing around, people? what do you think, 600 cookies are going to bake themselves? you're kidding with these, right? you don't like it, hike it, right out of here. the ronald said i'm the leader. yeah, he also said you have to collaborate with us. i am collaborating, francine style. paul, how's that hairnet working out for you? let's talk cookies. great. marcus, show us what 600 cookies look like. okay...if this is one cookie, then this is wh
, i wish. i wish, but no. - what is it about him? because he's a bad boy. he admits it. he uses women. - it's a... - is it the thrill? - it's like he just walked in like he owned the place. it's just awesome. - it's awesome? it's awesome. okay, does everyone agree? - yes! - no! what are some of your tricks, rob? if you wouldn't mind. i hope we're not blowing your cover here. but what do you use with the ladies that works 100% of the time? - eyesight. - except with me. - except with you, ricki? well, you have glasses on. you know, i like to look into they eyes. a lot of sensual stuff-- really what it really comes down to is i make them think that i care. if i portray myself in such a way where i look at the girl and i say you know what-- yeah, i care. you know, it's gonna be great. we're gonna make this happen. it's gonna go down the way you want it to do-- they buy that. - i'm going back to my friend over here that liked what she saw when you walked out. did you hear what he said? - i don't like him anymore. - ( cheers ) - yes, hi. hi, my friend. - why do you have to make them think y
at idea. what? what if mike and susie stayed with us for the whole thanksgiving weekend? what? yeah! they could stay up in my office on the sofa bed. what do you think? right in front of them. right in front of them, she asks me. "can they stay with us through the whole thanksgiving weekend? we've got that spare room with the sofa bed." that's rough. what am i supposed to say? "yeah, sure. that's ok. i'd rather put a cigar out on my ass, but this is good, too." all right, where the hell is spencer, already? the movie's startin' right now. i gotta spend 4 days with this guy, and with no buffer, either, 'cause i know carrie's gonna peel off with her friend and then just leave me there, alone with him. i'm gonna die. that's it. i'm gonna die. his unpleasantness will actually stop my heart. where the hell you been? i know. i know. i had this whole thing with my mom. the super was fixing the radiator and she didn't want me to leave her alone with him. why not? she kept saying he was making bedroom eyes. "mom, he's 80. he has glaucoma." ah, it was so stupid! if it was so stupid, spence, w
happy you stopped by to visit us, amy. chao! chao! so, have you thought about that offer we made the other day? would you like to come live here? thanks for the invitation, but i can't accept. why? we want you to stay here with us! we really care about you! please, cream. i know! i'm really glad i have a friend like you. but you don't have to worry about me. it's been lonely without sonic around, but i know he'll come back. dr. eggman: i am back! and badder than ever! i've come to publicize my dastardly designs for building the eggman empire. i'm all set to spread misery and mayhem around the globe! you'd better quit your foot-dragging and race to the rescue, sonic. otherwise, this world will have to face the music! yeah! how embarrassing. what dance is that? i think it is called "the jerk." aah! aah! aah! what was that? i think something hit us! hey, who is the wise guy that hammered our hull? there's something about that hammer that looks awfully familiar. amy, why did you hit us? we were not bothering you! don't you have any idea what time it is? turn do
) ♪ ♪ get connected (electric company) ♪ ♪ the power we perfected is electrically connected ♪ so use it as directed and expect to be respected ♪ ♪ just turn it on and you will see ♪ ♪ that you belong in the company! ♪ ♪ feel the power feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo and plug it in! ♪ ♪ plug it in, everybody! ♪ electric company electric company ♪ ♪ electric company... electric company! ♪ ms. carruthers, top o' the morning. what's up francine? where are dax and lisa? i wanna ride the ship. i hear that venus is beautiful at this time of year. hector... its terrain is made up of craters and volcanoes. beautiful? well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and i hold the opinion that volcanoes and craters make a beautiful terrain. (laughs) whoa, check it out. it's a message from the ship's computer system. "two friends trapped inside ship." that's a problem. we need to bring them back to full size. yeah, but dax and lisa are the only ones that know how to work the enlarger and that's the only way to make them... both: larger. right. okay, let's try to make
. carruthers? - the electric company. - electricians? what do they want with us? - just pretend like you don't hear them. maybe they'll go away. - hmm... - mrs. carruthers? could we talk to you about the bookbinder house? - the bookbinder house? don't you mean the future home of...the francine? - ha. that's right, electric company. my mother is building me a hotel. so now if you don't mind, we have very important mother/daughter planning to attend to. - well, that's actually what we want to talk to you about. - mrs. carruthers, you may not know this, but this is the house where j.t. bookbinder wrote his famous book, "goodnight robot." - "goodnight robot"? - aren't you all a little old for children's book? - oh. yes...of course. i am much too grown up. - oh, come on. doesn't everyone love "goodnight robot"? - not me. - oh, really? you don't love the part when she goes-- - uh-uh. - yeah? you don't love the part when-- - no. uh-uh. la la la! can't hear you! - look, electricians, maybe you should all follow the example of my daughter and move away from silly childhood things. - well, that wasn't
autopsy report's in, sir. death by asphyxiation. embedded fibers seem to confirm a pillow was used. bruising on her chest suggests that a knee or forearm was used to hold her down. and there were some more coins found lodged in her throat. four, to be precise, i'd imagine. yes. as we know, the victim's real name was rose duchamp. it seems her killer was a man from her past. we think he's based in antigua, part of a money-laundering ring worth... hundreds of millions of dollars. rose had information that could've put this man behind bars, and she called london after two years of living a new life, a new identity. why? she was in fear of her life. you think she saw him? do we have a description of this man? nothing. and even if we did, i doubt it would help. why not? for two years, this guy's been one step ahead of us. if he killed rose duchamp in the early hours of this morning, he's probably left the island by now. not necessarily. look, you don't get it. the man is a ghost. we don't know what he looks like, we don't even know what he's called. the only person who could positively
's an old training video i used to watch called run for your life. you-- yeah, you. are you ready to run like you mean it? uh-huh, uh-huh. you might want to take notes. oh. tip #1: before you hit the road, you've got to get graceful. you've got to stretch those muscles. (grunting) when george met professor wiseman in the park the next day, he wanted to be ready. (grunting) mm, stretching does feel good. okay, what's next, george? ooh. ah, uh-huh. time to run? uh-huh, uh-huh. but not too fast, right? (chatters agreement) all right, then, let's go. ooh, i'm getting thirsty. uh-huh. (panting) ah. ah, thanks. much better. so far, professor wiseman's training was going great. and then... not so great. hey. (chatters question) i don't think running is for me, george. i find it... well, boring. huh? i'd much rather be carbon-dating a stromatolite. oh, oh... the training coach didn't say anything about boring. the problem is i don't have time to be bored. i should get back to the museum. thanks for trying, george. huh? huh? george couldn't understand why she didn't like to run. running can be so
to look at it like that, because the stone couldn't be used forever. in terms of value, we're looking at something that of course has a few condition problems, but because it's a ship, and it's local, and it is by a. hoen, i think at auction you'd be looking at somewhere around $1,500 to about $2,000. wow! i don't know if tt's anywhere near where you -- what you paid for it. that's quite a bit higher. okay, good. the last one that sold locally sold for $1,500. so if it were in better condition, and didn't have some of the marks, i think we'd actually be looking at something more along the lines of $2,200, $2,500. so it has a lot of things going for it. not the least of which is the fact that it's a nice ship, and it's local. continue to enjoy this. hang it in a place of prominence. thank you for coming to chesapeake collectibles today. can you tell me a little bit about what brought you here. well, i have this collection of 452 different steamship line coffee cups. you are coffee drinker of the extreme. well, with 50 years of taking ships up and down the bay, they brought me coffee on
've brought in for us today? well, my grandparents were teachers and in the 1930s and '40s they were employed by our u.s. government and they were assigned to bethel, alaska where their mission was to educate the inuit indians, the native indians up there. and these are a couple pieces from their stay there. this was my grandfather's hunting helmet. as you would expect from most teachers and other people in the community, they assimilate with the local people and would go out on hunts. and these are dolls made by the inuit people for probably my mom and her sisters to play with. and this was his class from about 1938, i believe is when that was shot. now, you mentioned that this is actually only pt of gar of items. what else did you have? wei ha , ndfath's pka th dayat in t pto and some tools and ivory forks that were utilized in probably everyday life and such, so... this is a very interesting and i find a very amazing group of material. the photographs, they had an artistic bent, a quality perspective when they were making the images of what they were documenting their experience there, doc
of us had graduated, she'd had four abortions. >> what happened to her? >> nothing. she just became a statistic. >> so then you get it. i don't want to be like your friend yvette. >> all right, brianna, i guess i do understand, but you've got to know that will does not approve of you taking these pills. >> well, can you talk to him? please? >> all right, brianna, i'm gonna talk to him, all right? but he's gonna want talk to you, too. >> all right. we'll talk when i get back from the game. thanks, sasha. thanks. hey, will. bye, will. >> hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. where you going? >> just gonna go meet my friends at the game. >> okay, so you two... >> yeah, we talked. >> oh, yeah? >> mm-hmm. >> and you're okay? and you know we're just looking out for you, right? >> yeah, i know. thanks. >> okay. well, enjoy the game. >> thanks. >> hey, wait. don't have too much fun. >> yeah, okay. i'll have an okay time. >> oh, that's perfect. oh, wait, wait! i got something for you. >> you did? >> yeah. all right. all right. wait till you see this. bam! "stop being nasty," courtesy of uncle brown.
was 1986 and in case you didn't have tivo back then, here it is. ellen degeneres: i used to wonder around the woods when i was a kid because my parents would put me there and um, i'd find petrified wood and i think to myself, "what could have scared these trees so badly? maybe a dinosaur lifting his leg, i guess that was scary." for a tree. i'm always thinking about these things because to me life is very precious, it's very special, we're here for such a short time that everything on this earth should have a reason, should have a beneficial purpose. and i feel like everything does, except for fleas, you know? fleas do nothing at all beneficial. i always thought at times like this when we can't figure it out for ourselves, wouldn't it be great if we could just pick up the phone and call up god and ask him these things? just pick up the phone and call up god, "yea, hi god, this is ellen. ellen. degeneres. degeneres. what, what's so funny? no, i never thought of that, it does sound like that doesn't it. i get it. listen if you weren't too busy, sure i'll hold on." somebody's at the gate.
, it was a 44-dd. but that was-- - and the marks you used to get. - i had the ridges, i had back pain. it was horrible. so it wasn't something that i embraced. i didn't feel sexually attractive because of my breast size. i'm not saying you were as big as i was, but it's something that you've always embraced. - right. - and it worked for you. - it's like they work now, but you gotta be able to back it up. you know what i mean? - ( laughter ) - no, i don't know what you mean. - uh, well, you know, i try to empower young women. specifically ages 16 to 54, 'cause it could take 50 years before you realize how wonderful you are, trust me. what i'm saying is if you're gonna portray this sexual thing and this sexual angle, then don't tease a guy, don't tease whoever it is that you're trying to seduce. - mm-hmm. - and i learned that after about three times, you know? in other words, so if you're gonna be that sexual creature, like a la marilyn monroe, there's a bad side to it too, because you'll be called names. you'll be teased. - you'll be objectified. - and you can be a gorgeous woman with
the 800 number pleas 1-800-643-464[ that numbers good toughout puertoo us and canada if you have a @ biblal question u would like to possibly be answered áhe bill free to call at 80number and leave your question please don't ask question about a specific div%dual domination organ in that sition by na we try to teach god's word in a positive manner. the chapel duri our negative about others by nameerveno purpose we simply wot do it we will let god's word to teaching aing and healing fully capable of all three are listento srtwave rabio stkdying the internet somewhe around the wld your announcer at thin the hour will giveou ou) mailing add)swater right familiar quest%on being the point got number don't need telephone don't need mailing address heavenly father is there for 24 hours a bay seven days lecturtoday he nine he @ standing there ready to rgive for those me to hi with the content heart whe things are not going well don't wait for a real life changing event to come before you take him up on dis oer forgive you if you do number one be willinto confesyou messed up number to r
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